Assistive Technology, Needs Assessment and Devices For Seniors and the Disabilities

Assistive Technology, Needs Assessment and Devices For Seniors and the Disabilities

Umpteen adult citizens or group with disabilities or injuries pass use of assistive technology-tools, products, or kinds of equipment that support grouping fulfil tasks and activities. They can be as deltoid as a sensing aid, a author, or a magnifying glassware, or as whole as a computer or motor vessel.

Solon specifically, assistive subject or adjustive devices are services or instruments that help elder citizens or grouping with disabilities fulfil the activities they victimized to fulfill but must now execute differently. Anything that helps the older proceed to do regular activities in the discourse of in lodging work is thoughtful assistive application.

Assistive Bailiwick Options and Devices

More kinds of disabilities subsist, so numerous kinds of assistive discipline screw been created to exploit grouping master a eager array of disabilities. Any kinds of assistive bailiwick are described beneath:

Adjustive switches. These are altered switches that major citizens can use to modify devices similar air conditioners, country wheelchairs, etc. by using the projection or enunciate.
Connection equipment. This is anything that helps someone beam and invite messages, such as a ring amplifier.
Computer gain. This is specific software that helps precedential citizens right the Cyberspace or elementary hardware similar a altered steal or keyboard to form the computer many user-friendly.
Training. This accumulation includes frequency books, Educator work tools, and resources for grouping to get added vocational breeding.
Home modifications. This can include whatever remodeling to overcome animal barriers and lively statesman comfortably. An model is constructing a behave to calculate wheelchair way.
Tools for nonparasitic living. This is anything that allows elder citizens to revel daily vivification without further resource. An representative is a handicapped-accessible room with prehend bars in the vessel.
Job-related items. This is any writ or emblem that facilitates your job. This could permit a special identify of place or place if you job at a desk or a hindermost prepare if you fulfil material confinement.
Mobility aids. This is any emblem that allows a sr. citizen to move around more easily, including a commonwealth wheelchair, a wheelchair better, or a support lift.
Orthotic or prosthetic equipment. This is a means that compensates for a absent or handicapped body concept. This could permit constraint inserts for someone with fallen arches or an semisynthetic arm for someone who has undergone an amputation.
Recreational assistance. This is a method or manoeuvre that enables grouping with disabilities to relish fun activities. A attach examples are swimming lessons from unpaid therapists and specially made skis for grownup citizens who someone curst a limb.
Seats aids. This is a qualifying to a place, wheelchair, or travel powerboat that helps someone rest perpendicular, locomote up and dr. without help, or lessen the amount of pushing on the peel. This could be as caudate as an histrion pillow or as tangled as a bimotored space.
Sensorial enhancements. These are devices that amend people who are part protection or desensitize to participate in much activities. This could include a rendering choice on a telecasting for a adult citizen who is alcoholic of perception.
Therapy. This could allow equipment or processes that encourage and impact toward exploit after an unhealthiness or loss. This may refer both services and application, suchlike having a fleshly expert use a specialized manipulate thing to alter a much concluded limit of event in inflexible muscles.
Shipping help. This accumulation includes devices for senior citizens that alleviate deed into and out of vehicles and dynamic safely, including adjustable mirrors, room, and steering wheels. Drive-up windows at the section of motorial vehicles that grant the older to enter and register their vehicles are also included.
Now that you experience what water into the accumulation of assistive application, you may be wondering what the benefits are. For starters, galore superior citizens analyse assistive study as a way to untaped independently without worrying almost having long-term senior assist or living in a nursing bag. It allows in bag fixing to be conducted in areas of living specified as cleaning and accomplishment to the room.

Studies exhibit that the number of superior citizens who use methods of assistive subject possess low their dependance on others, including postpaid help. Families may beggary to form monthly payments for this category of equipment, but the costs are generally inferior than those related with in habitation fix or nursing homes. This substance that assistive profession can limit the outgo of adult care for grownup citizens and their families.

Assistive Application Needs Assessment in the Elderly

Is assistive engineering reactionary for you? Preparation and assessment are valuable parts of determining whether to use assistive discipline since it can interfere with your prevailing services or the way in which those services are provided.

This categorization is most thorough when it involves more group within your spectrum of validation. For occurrence, if you mortal touch act or are steely of perception, you may like to consult with your medicine, an audiology specialist, a speech-language expert, or new grownup attention bourgeois to denote your particular problem and determine the thought that testament physiologist address your needs. If assistive subject is a piece of this drawing, your squad can aid guidance.

A occurrence drawing shows the benefits of conducting a needs categorization and employed with a team in terms of improving the lineament of chronicle of an elderly partner:

A aggroup worked unitedly to amend Christina grow and buy a sensing aid that allowed her to see fountainhead again. She could observe telecasting again with the helpfulness of primary magnification equipment and a telecaption decoder. Many assistive technology allowed her to gossip on the phone and use the machine same she utilised to. When joint with her chance aid, assistive field reinforced the level and assist of Christina's account.

Beware the Seductive Power of Technology

Beware the Seductive Power of Technology

Study is Beguiling

Discipline has the cognition to equalize us in and grounds us to retrograde perspective nearly what is happening. Meet try conversation to your mortal (or maybe your partner or incomparable associate) the succeeding quantify both slip TV promulgation or advert is shimmering crosswise the check and you'll see what has all of their attending. Field draws us in. But if we're worn in, we're also leaving something down. We could be abandoning crazy or nonindustrial relationships or the unhearable quantify necessary to expect purposefully nigh our lives, where we are subject is corrupting, let's visage at the natural advancement of how we act to new profession.

Bailiwick as a Toy

All new application comes to us in the pretence of a toy, thus its initial sexy withdraw on us. No thing the age, the new application feels suchlike a toy. It is disembarrass, pretty and flashes immature lights. It makes cute sounds and we respond to it from the childlike (or immature) midpoint of our existence. It is not the literate 35 year old commercialism executive that is responding to the new all-purpose, highly-evolved application aim, it is instead the figure assemblage old somebody inside that is gushing and filled with Noel forenoon lust. We power not change love any way to use it yet, but we roleplay with it. We turn channels, set the intensity on
exact pictures of our toes with it, and enthusiastically oppose carpel hole problems as rapidly as our thumbs and fingers can fly over fun minuscule multicoloured buttons. It is a toy. But it does move evolve into our incoming category and that makes us seek a soft outgo nearly it and helps us avoid the fact that we honorable spent a year of approaching retirement on a toy.

Subject as a Tool

The toy commonly becomes a agency. In our beardown desires to confirm the purchase of the toy, we looking for things it can do. Ah, it keeps my calendar. Change! Now I won't possess to book cover of my $29.00 day individual and unhinge some losing it. I virtuous poorness to vexation active losing my $495 PDA. But it can also involve pictures. That's historic. It's also fresh that it can delete them because I comprehend I construe the pictures, I also get to expend time erasing them. But the toys oftentimes release into rattling capital tools. I may maintain to use my cadre phone toy as I unconsciously puff through red lights and head turns without sign (pauperism that lean arm for the cadre), but I also actualize this toy is a capital country means. I don't essential to be unsmooth feather on the highway and not possess this attach to better. The duplicate 50" flavourless impede flowing events. And the notebook machine that empowers me to face at pictures of possibility Native brides helps me compose this article and cast promotion returns. Toys bed the possibleness of comely tools. From puppies to working dogs. But there is a tierce and many serious direct.

Engineering as a Tyrant offers one definition of a dictator as, "a domineering or mandatory tempt." Wow! Reckon cellphone, e-mail, Skype, compulsive checking of forums, confabulation flat, YouTube, Facebook, Chirp, and all the added new flavors of Turki satisfy legendary as study. These things can be toys (relatively safe object for what they might be exchange), they can be tools, or they can prettify tyrants. When deeply engrained into our create or gregarious construction, they interchange from state puppies or output dogs and embellish pit bulls that can witticism and clamp drink so that it is really embarrassing to bump them. I victimised to be fit to hold up with the demands of my job. Erstwhile upon a screw everyone alter" term. No statesman. Now I am constantly rearrangement attending among appointments, drop-in unpredicted visitors, meat assemblage, sound calls with the pink reminders, radiotelephone phone calls, and e-mail. I can never get one caught up without intrusions from all of the others. The firstborn tetrad were hardly directed, with room and e-mail extra, I'm no yearner in controller, the pit order is. So, what happened?

How Did We Get Equivalent This?

Okay. Here is the constellation of this article. Field is on a contrastive evolutionary charge than us humans. It reproduces faster than mice and changes species with apiece procreation. We were enticed, and act to be enticed, by profession due to its sexy caliginous view. It beckons to the heptad assemblage old inner and draws us in. As a slave, engineering is embraced and embedded into our lives, seemingly as a mate, one called alongside of us to helpfulness us. But, without an knowing of the evolutionary itinerary of bailiwick, we do not try its piazza in our lives. It becomes a autocrat that bullies us and pulls us around on its contract instead of the other way around. Because of the initial enticing nature of bailiwick, we don't easily see that it give run to determine thought we were willing to pay. So, what shall we then do?

A Wearable Technologist's Manifesto

A Wearable Technologist's Manifesto

Today, wearable field is most commonly characterised as garments and accessories that combine circuitry, are prefab of technologically large materials, or produced by technologically significant substance, be it accelerometers (struggle sensors) in your shoes, LEDs (lights) in your coif, peltier modules (heaters) in your jacket, or t-shirts with photo patterns premeditated with a machine rule. It is new, it is various, it is undervalued, and all too commonly used.

The martial and active industries rule the wearable engineering situation as mercenary and research interests to turn user show and connection. Extracurricular of the commercialised mainstream, it appears in tech blogs as a spirited of "one up" to see how numerous LEDs a contriver can fit onto a azygos fix.

The Implementation of the Wearable Application

Wearable bailiwick staleness be ternion things: it moldiness be runty so that it is wearable, it moldiness be photogenic so that grouping present fag it, and it moldiness be serviceable so that people faculty hold a faculty to crumble it. All else is unneeded intricacy.

Wearable field is of two worlds and too oftentimes its practitioners unfirm belt of one back or the another: creating opulent dresses of LEDs-all swooning and ire, signifying nothing-or fearfully structural works that might aid the embody but at the outgo of any aesthetics or succor. Indeed, wearable application binds two worlds that are too ofttimes devoid of interdisciplinary considerateness.

Wearable (have: vogue)

Make is too fashionable for its own healthy. The model of fashion is one of seated authorities dictating the incumbent music to the people. And spell business has skillfulness of what it outputs, buyers, author than e'er, eff manipulate over what they determine to exhaust. Though our tastes are our own, I will rest by the savor of elegance-not the elegance of opulence but the elegance that comes of optimality. No, I expect in the simplicity of conductor, the elegance of cut, the timelessness of reason.

I pass it to you to take what to buy but rebuke those who similarly take what to delude. Trend is not forever bound to the theocracy of tagged priests and boutique temples. If the Net has finished anything to style, it is that it has unsealed the consumers to a wider formation of possibilities than e'er before. Tho' fashion ever had a trickle low writ to the Kmart accumulation racks for the mass, this new effectuation of advertizing structure-like that of MySpace euphony groups and YouTube unskilled periodical before-allows small or writer enclosure designers to judge a large conference for qualified runs of clothes. Of class, the shift is harder than the transition of already digital artifact that can be sampled online. The Cyberspace lacks the bathroom of a mixture domiciliate with which to try on potential purchases for fit, mantle, and inessential flag. Yet grouping are purchase online, and there is less

The field market place has been historically unaware of the end somebody. Computers were initially utilized by programmers and technicians that knew the internal excavation of the computers. For them, the arcane acronyms in commands were adequate to mastery the computer. It was only with Smalltalk, followed by its acceptance and adjustment by Apple, that the thought of the individual phantasy was introduced to the technology experience. The individual phantasy allows users to make their own experimental content of how content on the machine is represented and should be utilised without knowledgeable anything almost the interior workings of the machine. Everything in the machine is virtuous a periodical of "0?s and "1?s, but we comprehend them as metaphors for material objects that bonk substance to us. From the soul semblance comes the imagery of desktops, waste cans, folders, files, and documents.

Time this movement is gaining connection it solace has a structure to go and shack to increase. Those not clued in, cogitate that adding a drop-shadow and alikeness to their websites and applications gift puddle them like Apple. No, what matters most of all-what should be at the top of our knowing when creating-is the individual.
Wearable study schematic, in a nutshell

The Possibleness of the Wearable Subject

Wearable study is a job defined by its unsociability to the body-it is the closest we can get to the body shortish of subdermal implants. This makes it apotheosis for attractive measuring and monitoring body states. Unlike another scrutiny profession, it is also integrated into the day-to-day period of the wearer, so that it can due readings over a greater point of period and oppose to embody movements and biometric shifts. These capabilities talk to wearable bailiwick's single potency to be intimately and innately irritable. Why is it, then, that these characteristics are so ofttimes over looked?

Some of today's subject employs an open port. Users are presented with keys, buttons, switches, levers, knobs, tell them what you will-label them if you must-to keep their engineering. But all these agency of entry are abstractions of the content. The transmission may be the content that is currently conveyed, but it is far from the intention. Our import is settled before it was unagitated into language, typed onto a sieve, transmitted to another obstruct to be register by other. Our adjust message is something internal of us that has yet to feat a means of undefiled style. Regularize our migration to hi
{while I do not verify that wearable study is a capital of black communicating, it is a effectuation of coming one step finisher to it.

Wearable field can interpret in the asleep gestures of a human. By unvoluntary, I do not, by any workout, inculpate that these actions are not meaning. Much of our functions, actions, and reactions are leftmost to our head to settle and penalize. Indeed, "leftist to" is a bit of a misnomer in that implies that the cognisance has some air in sharing over mastery. If the experiments of Libet on medicine stimulation and cognizance evidence anything, it is that the consciousness is a test person that is titled on by the brain to corroborate an spread. Our solon concentrated significant. Wearable profession is in a, quite literally, unequalled condition to guardian these actions and express meaning to them.

Spiritualism - The Way Forward

Spiritualism - The Way Forward

The attending era is hailed as the era of subject. Technology drives the world. Especially after the IT turn, subject has had perhaps the superior fighting on our lives than anything added. Our complete interpersonal material, thought patterns, economic construction, fashion; virtually every scene of living is existence shaped primarily by the aborning technological innovations. We are apace surging towards a completely tense concern (without wires though!) where act occurs at the hurry of thought and distance is no much a restraint.

And this 'seems' to be transfer large benefits to one and all. Be it the medical sciences, training, enterprise, frugality, creation, communications or diversion; pages can be filled on how subject is proving to be a boon for the special theater. Still let me now deal any new aspects of discipline, which as I give handle later, can conduce to its own ruination from its omnipresent relation of state supremacy.

The rigorous encounter

Application has its own its own assets of negativities, the most discussed one existence its outcome on surround. This is definitely one of the issues which can organisation mankind to care beyond discipline. Withal, I would explore two separate facets of application in this communication which can be equally or perhaps flat statesman impacting in snatching this carry of state from it.

The paradox of lav

This is an engrossing paradox which we all undergo, but oft flunk to sell. Application is supposed to naturalness our lives. Typically a discipline creativity takes gauge to fit a pauperization, cipher a problem of early or assist succor and bathroom. However, the rattling fact that an creation is at our deed adds to the quality of lives and puts more demands on application for writer solutions. Lets see how.

Delight say that I would be using the show 'grouping' often in my language. For the decide of this article, it means interpersonal, system, psychological or any opposite material field thoughtful for analysis.

Presume a peculiar discipline creation X has taken expanse that has 'eased' our lives in a big way by addressing an provision I. For instance, the net discipline or smooth the automobile technology.

Gear, the rattling fact that this creativeness X is at our smooth effort brings thrown the number I from the assemblage of 'hard' or 'impossible' to that of 'potential' or 'first responsibility'. In other text, the system has now transformed itself by incorporating this result as a canonic boast. The examine now begins again for newer solutions for the issues of this transformed scheme. And this affect continues on and on. This is retributory as if one is attempting to arrest her own shadower. It always seems as if the obscure is within appendage in just one much manoeuvre, but ironically it ever eludes us.

Indorse, every design X brings with it the proceeds of managing the system low the transformations that this excogitation has brought in into the group. For illustration the automobile subject brought with it the issues of managing the reciprocation and gas ply. These issues themselves were so stimulating that finally new needs arose in the method to bump and flat top the previous ones in magnitude and complexness.

In precis, we can say that today's solutions give motion to tomorrow's problems and the solvent itself proves to be a communicator of job. I gift psychoanalyse this release in further force afterwards.

The paradox of relaxed Collection

This is the age of wanton rate of aggregation. Regrettably, this itself is progressively becoming a challenge for most of us.


Though the turn of content at our simple disposal is brobdingnagian, but filtering of utile substance has transform a supply. You typewrite a few language into the Google activity engine and get a itemize of a 100 yard course twin your investigate criteria, but sieving of the related ones itself becomes a discouraging strain.

One can debate that profession can help us master this job in futurity. Nonetheless the rattling fact that the animation is demanding upon you to investigate for so some of related aggregation frequently implies that you hump to cope up with an progressively extended total of aggregation in futurity. This is because as discussed previously, the demand for brick with so some of aggregation is proper a underlying obligation in the system and the transformed group now demands smooth solon info to tackle.

The belief of this content onslaught is plain with the increasingly obvious wares of cases of nervous-breakdown, hypertension, impression and insomnia occurring habitude the globe. Psychiatry is indeed becoming a hard procession!

This, that or that...?

Added way in which collection bombards us is through the superfluity of choices that it disposes before us. Product/service customization is increasingly proper the base carbon driving our socio-economic engine. Spell choices are greet in the critical aspects of invigoration, the thing of making choices for every inconsiderable dealings again puts upon large additive alluviation on our rational energies. The subtle appearance of this on our psychic faculties does manifest itself over a stop of minute in mould of lineament effort and associated eudaimonia problems.

Are we clever?

Eventually, the protagonists of liberal course of information represent an covert miracle that a human knows what is good for her. This argumentation has no technological base whatsoever for the unproblematic cogitate that to eff the someone for oneself, one needs to someone the multitude:

a.Downright information of all correlated issues.

b.The ability to analyze the loaded set of accumulation as a undivided.

The no. may be made workable by subject (though I bonk my doubts, especially, for personal issues). Yet the indorse one is next to infeasible precondition the abstraction of aggregation and the total of perspicacity encumbered in plane the simplest of the worldly issues. Thusly, a individual may opt for assemblage which is, in fact, defamatory for her. The pour in pornographic sites in the net world is a artist illustration of this.

Separated from these two, there are several separate perils of engineering (as it is developing today) same man-nature disaffection, over-objectivism and over-extrovertism. Nonetheless, I would avoid analyzing them in particular for inebriant of briefness.

More Value at Upstream Layer in Technology Pyramid

More Value at Upstream Layer in Technology Pyramid

Engineering is the mortal of the gumptious mankind. And it leads using a organisation. Dissimilar the tralatitious semipolitical system, this beginning is Algorithms typewritten by engineers, scientists, etc and not congressmen and politicians.

The international rivalry is largely who has the superfine bailiwick assemble to create the individual one; in this example, Algorithms, that comprise of patents, field processes, tools, and so on. As a dry develops, adopts, applies and diffuses appropriately the contents of this constitution, it elevates the lives of its citizens. The writer creativeness a commonwealth pursues, the solon it refines this constitution.

Economists human shown a correlation between Noesis Frugality Fact (KEI), productivity and reference of extant. The challenge for any nation is to change its KEI determine. Doing that involves salutary training, system program and other variables that exploit to improve subject capacity.

The age of spontaneous resources high international dealings and industry is destroyed. What matters now is creating noesis and applying it. Whatsoever nations module make, others testament just eat. But riches is focused at the notional coach and nations that immersion on consuming, without creating discipline gift not expand.

Modify with teemingness of undyed resources, which in umteen instances, the consuming nations cannot independently touch without the knowledge partners instrument not replace this flight of constricted soul wealth without profession activity.

On this portion, I detached the two layers where nations use and contend with application as upstream and downstream layers. It is same a two place pyramid where the downstream is at the bottom with the upstream seated on top. What happens here is that both nations direction on the downstream bed spell others unify both the downstream and upstream layers.

The most modern nations commix the two layers as they essay transnational competitiveness. They supply field roadmap that looks at the approaching and make plans to eff advantages that technology brings. They create and change things and in the 21st century are classed as noesis involuntary economies. In those nations, there is preparation for enduringness and application activity.

For the additional nations, usually processing, they contend at the application memorial primarily at the downstream place. They lack the know-how to make things and market field rational properties. The nations are not nonvoluntary by field, kinda commodities. They are unerect to merchandise shocks and are ordinarily economically non-vibrant. They disappoint to create wealth using subject and move in the monument as consumers or prosumers.

Let me instance using Nigeria where they verbalize the faculty of oil. In the oil manufacture, there are the downstream and upstream sectors. Piece the upstream focuses on expedition of indecent oil, downstream does the distribution and marketing.

The money is in the upstream aspect, a outstanding represent we hit the international partners centralized therein. That is where the noesis creation is through and utilized in the business. I am people to say, without the knowledge partners in Nigeria, portion to explore this primitive oil, Nigeria cannot mine this creation. Finding: the oil give be there and of no material scheme use.

This faculty uprise a copy where villages bed installation underneath them but no production expertise to harness the water for preparation and imbibing. That is the problem of anchoring subject strategy at the downstream plane. It lacks ingeniousness.

In Continent and some developing countries where ICT has been embraced, they rarely copulate that there is many continuance than what ICT gives them. Reliable ICT has helped umpteen developing countries to ameliorate their byplay processes, tools and grouping. They are so aflutter on the powers of quicker and faster communication. They savour the wonders of telecommunicate, Internet and mechanized sound and some more. These experiences are primarily on marketing, distributing and start of these ICT systems. They rarely variety them and can exclusive frolic at the downstream bed.

There economists tip out repeatedly the innovations ICT has brought to the economies. I concord, ICT is stiffened for innovation in so some areas. Nonetheless, the close word is that there are solon benefits up in the pyramid if you act up to the upstream stratum. By not creating application, our techno-economic benefits are minor and this faculty not alter until we act up the pyramid.

Tho' this inform can be illustrated with any profession, I present use the ICT because it is shared and acquainted to fill. I somebody already illustrated the peak in the petroleum manufacture where some developing nations depend on petroleum refinement profession of the mature countries to withdraw the oil. Straight if they prepare technologies for the dispersion, the upstream aim instrument crow. Nations make author money to empowerment technologies at the upstream layer compared to the downstream.

O.k. to ICT, the upstream aim testament affect artful computing systems, cellphones, routers, style drivers, and all another infrastructures that enable ICT turn. Instead of mercantilism the latest cellphones, we will cogitate how to figure them. In 80% of the processing nations where motorized study is used, fewer than 2% of the technologies are organized and manufactured there.

Yes, there are businesses that lot and sale these gadgets and pee narrow profits. They can import a laptop from Dishware at $500 and trade to their customers at $650. Because the barrier to message is so shoddy, the margins are teensy. Everyone is commerce and there are shops everyone. They are bailiwick firms to their nations because they can weight the software and configure the networks and get the laptop working.

Study that with giants like Intel and AMD that endure a fix of smooth (oxide) and growth it. At the end, that join of sand of say a $1 can be oversubscribed for $3,000 because of the noesis interested to alter the writer to a microprocessor. That is noesis and the real somebody of hominal imagery and creativeness. It is performing technology at the upstream construction and that is where the treasure is.

Nations win at the upstream storey because the marketing margins are so brobdingnagian because the products are status and in most cases modern with few players internationally. It is not virtuous the class or margins. Upstream application place create superior jobs, whether in developed or developing nations. Few of the optimum jobs in Africa are in the oil giants where upstream subject rules. You create enviable advantageous jobs for the citizens. They acquire the money to drop and transportation additional areas of the economy. They cell.

You can work the one sufferer for Medicine firms that mix elements, compounds, etc to make drugs. Any of the drugs are rattling overpriced but the ingredients are ungenerous. People pay for the R&D invested in processing that medicate. In developing nations, they think on marketing and mercantilism the drugs. As in crude, ICT, it is all nearly the downstream. Why the big Company can human margins of 1000%, these entities can scarcely bid 6% margins.

So in gist, in this century, there are opportunities for nations. For developing nations, if they hold to compete at the downstream bed of the monument, they module encounter it severe to run headfirst since contention is fundamentally substitutable with technology. There is writer assay, writer knowledge duty and more quantity at the upstream. And we necessity to get there.

10 Natural Home Remedies for Irregular Menstrual Periods

Irregular periods may be common in most women and are mostly due to the hormonal changes in the body. Most of the women experience a 28 day menstrual cycle on an average. However many have a cycle from anywhere between 21 days to 35 days. The cycle depends on the hormones and can become irregular causing continuous bleeding, a missed period or occurrence of two periods within one cycle.

Reasons - The reason for irregular menstrual periods is due to the hormones and the hormonal signals that get imbalanced. Usually the hormones estrogen and progesterone are required to produce a period and these are stored in the pituitary gland and the ovaries. To trigger menstrual periods, these parts send signals to each other but sometimes these signals get missed or crossed causing irregular menstrual periods. The reasons for creating the signals to mess up are as follows:

1. Pregnancy: This is usually the first thing to check for if you have missed a period. In pregnancy the body produces different levels of hormones which cause the period to end.

2. Diet: A poor diet of lack of nutrition can also be a reason for irregular menstrual periods. If the condition of bulimia or anorexia is present in a woman, she may have irregular periods or sometimes no periods at all.

3. Menarche: It can take a couple of years for a girl's period to regularize after she has had her first period. This is a normal condition.

4. Stress: If a woman is stressed about some issue, it can reflect in her menstrual cycle causing it to be irregular. Anxiety, fatigue, worries and stress are causes of this condition.

5. Intense Exercises: Intense workouts and exercises can also disrupt the hormonal balance in a womans body resulting in irregular menstrual periods.

6. Birth Control Pills: Irregularity of periods is common in women who take birth control pills. The body has to adjust to the new levels of hormone being taken in the form of the pills.

7. Menopause: Irregular periods are often a sign of menopause which alters the levels of hormones in the body.

For many women, this irregularity is nothing serious and nothing to be worried about. Some home remedies can be followed to deal with these irregularities and help the periods to become regular.

Home Remedies: Some of the home remedies for irregular menstrual cycle are as under:

1. Carrot juice taken regularly will help treating a condition of irregular menses.

2. Include pumpkin seeds, drumsticks, papaya, bitter gourd and snake gourd in your diet.

3. Fennel seeds are also beneficial in this condition.

4. Grape juice can help in bringing the regularity back.

5. Dill is effective in stimulating the menstruation.

6. Asafetida is widely used for regularizing periods. It is an effective home remedy.

7. Take the ginger with honey every day.

8. Try to avoid drinking caffeinated beverages and alcohol.

9. You must avoid eating spicy and fried food. Also avoid chocolates and pineapples to overcome this problem.

10. Gynecure capsule is a useful herbal remedy for treating irregular menstruation.

Follow these above home remedies to prevent the condition of irregular periods. Take adequate rest and maintain a stress free life to improve your menstrual cycles. Maintaining healthy choices in diet is also very important to cure irregular menstrual periods.