blake's first school concert!

it's been an exhausting week leading up to the concert. there was a flurry of activities leading up to the concert and notes coming back from school requesting for concert shoes, socks, permission to put make up (!) and hair spray and then the huge dress rehearsal! but bubba was adamant it was a massive secret!

and then he woke up early to practice the morning of the concert! it was the cutest thing. 

and you know what? it was a the cutest thing! to see your child on stage, hanging out with their little friends and dancing is just darling! mum came along with us and was the most supportive! she even came the night before to have a chat with him because she knew he was worried about it!

so well done, little munchkins! one year in school done and dusted! we are so proud of you! and to the dads and mums tearing up in the audience, you were not alone! ha!


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