oh savannah...

emma sent us a link of 43 overlooked places all travel lovers should have on their list, and top of that list, in no particular order im sure, is... SAVANNAH!! 

so glad we got to pop in and visit savannah along with some of our old favorites last year. and to top of the southern greatness, we got to hang with our southern belle!

ok. we've looked better but we look SO HAPPY!!! :) :) :) 

savannah was old school and relaxed and i know it sounds ridiculous cos im inherently such a city girl but the minute i walked out of the airport.... it felt like HOME. (the airport was also very little like newport news, va so that's probably it...) the angst from being in new york, trudging around in puddles and just from being guarded melted away just to meet up with our home girl! :) such a win already!

moss. yep. got me some of that stuff...

checked into our gorgeous hotel which made our new york apartment look extremely shoeboxy! but it was a nice warm welcome to the south! jen as usual did all the legwork. other than daniel, the next best person to travel with is truly jen! she plans everything to the minute and has multiple back ups for everything and is game to try everything under the sun. 

costco run, sure! coffee, ok!! many cocktails before dinner, sure why not? 

gotta love that girl!


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