collingwood's children farm

we spent part of our melbourne trip working while blake just hung out with his amma. so the minute we were done with work, we decided to take him to somewhere fun as a reward for being so patient with our errands! 

did a quick comparison and collingwood farm was a winner because it had a cafe in there (super important) and was near to shopping (lululemon outlet!) so the idea was to head over for a walk around, exhaust him then head on to shop! 

loved the concept of collingwood farm! the animals were wandering around so the kiddos could come in close contact with them. there were chickens hovering around our picnic table! a huge novelty for blake! 

hung around to cuddle the guinea pigs which he was amused to find out her name was snugglepots!!

the animals were all so well fed because the kids all enthusiastically force feed them throughout the day!! it was a good opportunity to talk to him about what each animal eats!! 

jumped in to hang out with the goats! this guy is fearless!

by then, we were SO SURE he was ready to konk but he stayed awake to hang out with us in lululemon! which thankfully was a large but confined space so he bounced between daniel and me and our changing rooms!! still manageable! 

p.s. the outlet stores was massive but our haul was not out of this world. i guess we were already shopped out over boxing day and also had specific designs and colors in mind! but it made for a fun afternoon activity!


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