last race of the year!

supporting races used to be a huge hoopla! loads of things to carry, a lot of waiting and baby blake was always the wild card. he would either nap through the entire finish (leaving me to wonder WHY DID I EVEN BOTHER) or he was so unhappy i would miss the finish just trying to walk him around the block. 

but for the standard chartered race in singapore late last year, it was so much fun! for once, we decided not to make it for the start! and just agreed to meet at the finish! it was convenient for us to get to, avoiding all road blocks and D gave a rather accurate estimate of his finish time! 

woke B up 15 mins before the finish time and he was ecstatic to get to support his dad! and wear this obnoxious tee we got from NYC marathon earlier in the year. while RUNNING out of the house, he even grabbed his quackers so his dad can spot him! lol! 

but no drama! D was done before the crowds came in, recovered very quickly and we found a cosy spot to wait for him in front of the ambulance zone which kept B very very entertained!! 

yayy for more races! can't wait for the next one! 


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