still an asian boy at heart...

over christmas we had the worst bout of picky eating. we weren't sure if it was too much festive feasting and therefore less interest in boring fruit. or if its was just him being annoying. but we had two massive dining out fails. once was pizza.. one of our favorite pizza joints. and he REFUSED to eat pizza. it was insane. there was silent tears and a lot of cold stares. i was so mad because growing up, pizza was a huge treat. 

and the next day (super childish on hindsight), i insisted he ate a burger. and nope. he doesn't like burgers too. *major roll eyes*. now he specifically says he doesn't like pizza AND burgers. but we went for vietnamese pho, he was soooo happy! and porridge. and noodles...

gahh!! what have we done!!

please snap out of this nonsense. im not making you asian food when we travel to europe, buddy. 


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