exploring setagaya park...

we don't typically like venturing into places that can't be reached on public transportation. especially in japan. maybe because EVERYTHING can be reached by train or on foot or a mix of both. or because there's just so much to be done even without going too far away from major train stations.... so setagaya park was always on our must-do list but was never done!

after a couple days of "doing our own thing" (ie leave blake strapped in his stroller and shop...), we thought he deserved something fun. so we bent our rule a little and took him off the "beaten path" and for once, we figured out how tokyo can be done with kids! you just gotta go out a little! 

i mean... a miniature train ride for 200 yen!? 

such a winner!!

and a sprawling park for little people to run wild!

an abandoned train carriage to explore...

and little ride on race cars (that were a little too big for his short legs) but he still went for it! such a fun morning at the park and we didn't run out of things to play with. wished we planned better and packed lunch with us for a picnic. but we had to run out to find food (and unfortunately....) spotted his favorite family restaurant that served his anpanman meals that he loved.. but pretty much nothing amazing for adults. 


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