let's start with hello....

hi guys! 

its been a while since i've gotten into the rhythm of writing! i guess i've just been prioritizing other tasks and have let the blog slip! until this weekend when someone mentioned it and it felts like a long forgotten friend!! so here i am, making amends! 

truth is... i've let it fall so far behind do i just catch up? or skip that whole first quarter and move on? total first world problems!

maybe i can sum up my life now for starters. 

one - me. im in good place. been having a bit more time for myself. so most of my weekdays is spent juggling work and my own social/work-out/beauty engagements. i must admit that i'm doing neither very brilliantly because work always feels like it could benefit from a bit more attention from me. and my friends often complain that i'm too busy for them. i don't look like miranda kerr yet and well... beauty... i've tried but i often am sporting the sweaty top bun with minimal make up look. (ie NO look). and my wardrobe is boring... so hoping to change that up soon!

two - daniel. we are in a good place. we've been able to get a break every friday evening (thanks mum and dad). and occasionally weekends too (thanks mum and dad again!). definitely a lot more balanced as a couple. and health-wise, he's been able to keep up with his runs (of course, would love more time!) but he's looking fit and definitely improving his flexibility and balance! sounds cheesy, but he's definitely my motivation to keep working out!! 

three - the kids. the dogs are lovely. the least of our worries. and the human kid has settled into his new school beautifully. he's got a little clique of besties that we love. they fight and they forgive each other. and we catch up so often we joke about sharing bank accounts so its easier to split bills. but honestly, very grateful for their company to keep an eye out on B. plus as a single child, things do get a little lonely... :) we still question some of our parenting decisions when he goes to bed. too strict? too honest? too serious? but most people around us seem to think he's turning out alright. so maybe we are ok. 

guess that's all i have for now! :) hoping to keep up with the rhythm for this year without burning out or going bankrupt! but really looking forward to our summer vacation! 


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