our littlest :: first onsen experience!

back when we were living in japan, we loved the onsen. i eventually got over my embarrassment and went to public onsen even in swimming pools! but thought it won't be our thing with a child in tow because our kid jumps at the slightly bit of temperature in his tub. like in dramatic "please put in ice cold water to cool it down if not it will BURN me" kinda way. *major eye rolling*

so how could onsen possibly go well, right?

well, count us lucky because his cousins were HUGE onsen fans and our lovely hotel had little robes and bath slippers prepped for them. so they were super excited running into the onsen. score #1! 

then we realized that we caught the magic moment between the hardcore onsen soakers who would jump in the minute they got in from a hard day of skiing. and before the people popped in for a pre-bedtime soak! so we had the entire place to ourselves. so it was just us two with three kids. #2. 

then blake pulled him "it's too hot!" and his cousins kept insisting. and helped him splash his foot, then helped him scoop ice from the garden to cool him down (crazy as it sounds...) and soon enough, he got into the water only waist deep. then it clicked! its just a swimming pool!! and then they went berserk in the onsen. in a way that only mums will find cute! 

and after the long soak, everyone was happy as a (cooked) clam and we got out. then all these counter space and moisturizers and hair dryers! and the kids had a ball! so in all... BEST ONSEN EXPERIENCE!!

on the upside, now he doesn't ever complain that his bath water is too warm. all i tell him is "just like an onsen, bubba!" and he jumps in!! yayy winner!! and thank you to his japanese cousins for the push in the right direction!


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