to tokyo.. again!

jen was just commenting how often we went back to tokyo! hah! totally true! in our defense, tokyo suddenly became the go-to singaporean tourist spot! and the flights are aplenty and we often find discount fares that make a weekend getaway to tokyo totes possible! 

so while we were in melbourne, daniel kept bugging me to book in tokyo! his excuse was so HIS son can go skiing! not for selfish reasons, not cos he loves skiing himself, or cos he wants to update his camera gear... but cos of HIS son! :) 

i was a little reluctant because before the end of a vacation, i really can't talk about the next one! plus even when its tokyo, it takes forever to decide... what kind of trip will it be? where will we stay? will we do the same ole? or try something new!!  

then there was also travel fatigue by the end of last year! and i really felt like staying PUT for a couple months. but he insisted so i booked it in to make him happy!! ;) turns out... he was totally right. i was ready for a vacation when february rolled by and timed it perfectly such that B ended school, went on vacation before he started in his brand new big boy school!! 

here we are in tokyo! in our "something new" hotel room doing the same ole same ole!!

i must admit that when we were taking this picture, we were all suuuuper excited about this vacation!! i mean... tokyo! need we say more? 


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