wander around arab street area...

i spend a lot of time feeling bored with the options we have in singapore. when actually im mostly to be blamed! because i keep going back to the same old places, eating the same old (comfort) food.... so how can i blame anyone when its "nothing new" right?

the other day when ni hao new york  was in town, we caught up in the arab quarters hoping to score some local food and a little walk about. and chanced upon scene shang - filled with drool worthy furniture pieces i wished i saw before we got boring ass furniture!!!

and that stool that i NEED in my life....

and then right next door, supermama's flagship store was the answer to all my dreams!! so so neat and i wanted to pick up one of everything. cos y'know... need to have in my life!

but scored a few of these merlion chouchous instead!! can't decide if its worth the splurge to get the massive one for blakie!! cos hugging a merlion to sleep in singapore is like wearing statue of liberty costume to school in NYC. or like wearing a sushi in tokyo. 

oh wait.. we've done that.. 

but even though not superbly successful on the shopping front, we had a lovely afternoon after popping into wonderland cafe! super inspired by their interior and yummy treats! then i had to run off to pick blake up from school for one thing or another. 


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