why it's worth writing about nothing to no one in particular...

haha this is totally not a pity party or to garner sympathetic comments (been seeing a few too many of these cases on social media recently) but... i finally figured out a reason why i keep writing! 

1 - it helps me put my thoughts in place. its very clear when i write what i take huge pride in and therefore, should be the focus of my life. 

p.s. not in pictures, is my workout and ballet regime. i love it and won't quit. 

2 - it's a great way to archive our pictures. IG is too fleeting. Facebook is too public (weird as that sounds...) so blog i get to indulge in a few more pictures. a few random thoughts and moments of self-reflection. 

3 - bonus! when jetsetting friends who you didn't even think read your blog reads, and realized you're in the same city as they are.... BINGO!!!

love to you, my dear pal! i write for YOU! :) 


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