reminiscing easter (in june)

i often chuckle when i see when my last post is! these days, inspiration to pen anything down is rare. coincide that with empty pockets of time.. and that never happens! 

and as im writing my brain is whizzing a few months in advance, ordering halloween crafts, pre-ordering birthday cakes and travels all the way to christmas (and even then, i know im behind!)

i am however truly enjoying every day of this life i'm granted with. the friends i have to fill my afternoons, my work to keep me connected with the world, this child filled with so much joy and curiosity it keeps me up at night researching how to keep up. and the working out (and my unattainable weight goals) and the food that i cannot resist. and all the things i love love endlessly and keeps my heart full. 

so i guess not much to complain about here. 

except that im still sharing old pictures from easter. from two months ago! that i've forgotten until i see these pictures. but good times good times! :) 


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