a wellness retreat (disguised girlie getaway...)

earlier in the year, i tagged along deaf's work thingmajig to phuket for a wellness retreat at amanpuri! just a couple days and when tossing between bringing the boys (little ones), we were hmmed and ahhh for a long while. while manageable, it was just going to be a different type of vacation with two in tow! so in the end, we made the best decision ever.. 

just us (sorry boys!)!

it was great! we got to chill out load, ate really random meals (delinquents.. didn't quite follow their healthy recommendations.) but everything was so perfect and delicious. how could anyone just drink juice!! i read a bit, swam a bit, did loads of yoga and massages and was the perfect getaway! totally needed a break!

also interestingly enough, was introduced to basics of meditation. it was very inspiring (my thoughts are still a little raw and flighty at the moment) but definitely felt a lot happier coming back. till today, whenever i get into my aggro city mode, D would remind me to go read my meditation notes. hah!

thanks for taking me along, babes! :) always a fabulous time with you! 

p.s. not the best picture but so so happy at this point!

p.p.s. also grateful for all those that held down the fort back home! you guys did so brilliantly, we should do this more often, eh?


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