this morning i woke up and for once in a long while, i wanted to visit this space. that used to be my daily hide-out and in many years of our lives, was my gateway to the world and pal. but i've kinda drifted away and back occasionally. 

not sure if i would ever catch up chronologically or just be a little like the thoughts in my brain, flipping from tab to tab but since i felt like it, i thought i should have a chat about something that's been on my mind for a while - gratitude. 

while its easy for adults to realize how hard we've worked to get where we are. and how darn lucky we are to live what we live. i find it harder to teach a child born into all these about gratitude. just to preface things, we are not fancy or extravagant by any means. but we do take nice breaks regularly and are greedy and often need (icecream) treats to round off the day and spontaneous date nights with friends ... and to us the luxury to be able to round up the kiddies (fur ones too) at the end of a random week night, pick up fish and chips and head to the beach when its dead empty. the luxury of time. space. health and love from the people we love. that is all. 

but our child. all of 4 year old... he doesn't know that these friends he grow up with are the best you can find. and we will hold on for life. and we've met so many along the way not worth our / his time. and these everyday places we frequent on the way home from school are the best ice cream parlors we can find in town. or the yummiest char kway teow in town! or that his mum didn't grow up eating sushi every week. and (even thought it feels like it) not everyday is "something fun" and no normal kids out there has a theme park membership and so much time to pop in on a regular day just for a few rollercoaster rides!! and my first visit to disneyland was at eleven and boy did i work hard for it. 

so its hard. you want to shower them with all that you have. you want their childhood to be filled with great days. and nothing days to be creative and paint naked on the balcony (even that is a luxury of time). and playground days. and days in your grandparents yard (also another big one.) but at the same time, you don't want to be a nag and have to say "do you know how darn lucky you are?".

how tricky. im sure i'll figure something out along the way.
in the meantime, if you can think of anything, i'll get you coffee and tell me all about it! 


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