oh silly franks...

dear frankie,

how special are you bubba! you're so silly and so stubborn. so quiet and so afraid of every damn thing. but somehow you've really snuck into everyone's heart. 

recently i was juggling everything. had some party food in hand, heels, a kid that was ready long ago and waiting by the lift (ie. he got dress, walked out of the door, gave up on his mom and is waiting by the lift as a statement that i'm taking too long) and i was trying to put you into your little hiding spot. 

so i yelled "blakie!" instinctively. wrong kid but i heard you scurrying into the kitchen but stopped midway. and then "muumuu!" next kid in line. also wrong kid. and no movement. distracted texting my ride and realizing my error, i then went to "FRANKSSSSSS...." then you scurried in with zero drama. aren't you the silliest!? 

is this your way of telling me that you're not as silly as we think? there is something happening between those two perky ears? oh we love you so sillybeans! 

p.s. apologies for these weird ponytails and manbuns. we're snipping B's off in october! you won't have to wear them too when he's done. 


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