our forever honeymoon!

back when we first got married and sad that we were going back to work after our honeymoon, the ONLY way to undo the funk was to make promises that we would honeymoon every year we were married...

and so far we've been keeping up with it! :) one trip we abandon the kid, do not much, try not to talk about above mentioned kid much and just spend time together. 

a sneak peek of my date from my kayak!! :)

super excited to be heading to germany this weekend. i've never been to germany nor do i know very much but so far we've only got beer recommendations and a shopping list from our pals! and a ticket to run berlin marathon (so much for not doing much, eh?) that aside, we're going to have such a fabulous time!! 

will check in from germany again!! seeya later folks! 

also, happy birthday to my dear baby brother! i give you a gift of your nephew for TWO WEEKS! hahahaha!! love you! we'll celebrate when we return!


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