our little germany getaway

if you asked me anyday, germany would not be in the top 5 cities to visit. but daniel has a grand marathon plan and has been working on ticking things off one by one. and since this year's trip planning has been pretty relaxed on my part (i have not even snuck in a tokyo shopping trip!), i left it to him to plan germany out! 

all i wanted was a break and some time with him exploring. 

so exploring we did! 

we were pretty close to most things and did a fair bit of walking around!

we were lucky enough to have our dates coincide with oktoberfest so of course we had to pop in for a bit of festivities and massive beers. i once helped out in our resort theme park in oktoberfest weekend so i was keen to see how the real festival was like.. and it was the same! :) festival food, rides, loads of drunk but very happy people all weekend! loved the vibe but i can totally see why locals turn their noses up on the entire deal and almost anyone in their bavarian costumes were tourists!! 

had a lovely time planning our days filled with coffee breaks, shopping errands and took a nice long road trip that brought us to berlin where the race was. 

berlin was another thing all together! i did NOT expect myself to like the food in germany at all. i joked about having to hunt down asian food but truth is, i didn't have to hunt anything down! the selection of international restaurant was fabulous and so chilled we didn't have to pre-book anything! the quality of food was fabulous and all very easy! possibly due to its proximity to other european cities, we really had the best italian and french food in a while. and my gosh their hipster, health food scene was spectacular! 

i could get a healthy fix whenever i felt stuffed with meals that were too rich (my issue with german food..) and combine that with a healthy dose of shopping, it was a lovely balance. i actually think i might want to go back to berlin again! 

didn't see that many playgrounds though! which i guess would be the other deciding factor when traveling with blake! :) but the shopping was fabulous! we loved the lollies selection and came home all stocked up for birthday parties and halloween! like big kids! 

we traveled to germany with something on our minds though. not even sure we're at the tail end of it yet. but just before leaving, blake got bitten by a family dog. something we anticipated but had not ever happened to him till right till the weekend we left. so we were already online looking for last minute tickets to take him along. so the entire time, that was slightly worrying. now as i recap a trip that has passed almost two months ago, that issue is still quite pressing (and very disappointing) in our lives. but c'est la vie. always things to sort out in life, i guess. 

we'll see. 
hopefully something to be sorted by this year. 


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